Monthly Archives: September 2013

Why Cysticercosis?

There were many reasons that we picked cysticercosis as the first disease we decided to tackle.  I could put as reason number #1 that no one should suffer from a completely (or nearly completely) preventable disease, but that could be…

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The Framingham Heart Study and PAZ: Why We’re Here

CONGRESS DECIDES WE ALREADY KNOW PRETTY MUCH ALL WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HEALTH CARE AND SCIENCE Well, not really, but I  do marvel at where their priorities are. Funding to the Framingham Heart Study, one of the most important…

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The News, September 8

We are preparing for our upcoming trip to Peru. We will be working on two projects, a spay/neuter clinic and cysticercosis. Spay/Neuter Clinic We are conducting a survey of houses in a pueblo joven south of Lima to determine the…

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