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UPDATE: Just to show you the difficulties that one can face, consider this October 1st  article from the Peruvian Times:

Peru Nabs 23 People Suspected of Collaborating with Shining Path Rebels

Peruvian security forces arrested 23 people accused of collaborating with Shining Path remnants in the area of the Apurimac, Ene and Mantaro river valleys, the latest blow in the government’s initiative to derail the group.

The head of the Joint Command of Peru’s Armed Forces, Vice-Admiral Jose Cueto, and the director of the National Police, General Jorge Flores, said the individuals were arrested in several spots in the VRAEM, the strategic name for the south central valleys, including at Kiteni, Pichari and in the Ayacucho province of Huanta.

The complete link is here.

For those of you who remember the terror that existed in Peru in the 1980s, you know that it while it is generally safe place to live and travel, that there are still occasional reverberations from that time.  Our cysticercosis project was originally to have taken place in Joras, which is in the Department of Piura. We were to have partnered with the Peace Corps. The volunteers there have been doing some great work (2000 stool samples collected!), and we wanted to follow up with more research, education, and intervention.

Unfortunately, the State Department (U.S., not Peru) decided that the presence of rogue miners and the occasional narcotrafficante made it too dangerous to keep volunteers there. The Peace Corps tends to err on the side of caution these days, as it should, but the change required us to go elsewhere. Alas, there is plenty of cysticercosis in Peru, and we have moved our project to the Department of Tumbes.


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