Richard Lerner, CEO

Richard Lerner, DVM, MPH As a veterinarian, Richard Lerner’s passion has been to alleviate suffering not only for animals, but for the humans they share the world with. As an epidemiologist, he has concerned himself with the way diseases move among populations and between species.

He founded PAZ , along with Ms. Ginn and Dr. Carmona, because of what he saw as a  lack of follow up after research grants were used. A problem was identified, studied, and solutions proposed, but that was often where the work stopped. Instead, Lerner was interested in following up this work with the  prolonged public health campaigns needed to make a real impact on the burden of disease.

Dr. Lerner has worked as a clinical veterinarian, an epidemiologist, and also serves in the Veterinary Corps of the United States Army Reserve. He has conducted research on vector-borne diseases, such as Chagas’ Disease (the most common parasitic disease in Latin America) and on other zoonoses, such as influenza and rabies. Inequities in health care are a particular concern of his, which is why PAZ will be focusing on economically challenged populations.

Dafne Ginn, COO

Dafne Ginn is the Chief Operating Officer of Pan American Zoonotic Research and Prevention (PAZ).  Dafne’s passion for nature, animals, education, children and helping others inspires her work at PAZ.  All her life, Dafne has used her passion to engage others, building teams that are motivated to work together to achieve their goals.  Dafne is also an active volunteer who gives generously of her time and effort to national and local charities.  Each year she organizes Trike-a-thons, generating contributions for St. Jude’s Research Hospital while teaching children the importance of safe biking. Locally, she delivers food for County Harvest, making sure that food gets to the people most at need in her community, and she is actively involved with her daughter’s Montessori school.  Born in Cuba, raised in Miami, and living in New York, Dafne is equally at ease communicating in English and Spanish.

Alicia Carmona, Director

Alicia Carmona, Ph.D., is a bi-lingual (Spanish, English) socio-cultural anthropologist, an expert in ethnographic and qualitative research, with a career trajectory that has taken her through urban settings in North and South American and Asia. With degrees from Columbia University and New York University, her professional and volunteer projects have focused particularly on immigrant and lower income urban communities in the United States and Latin America, tackling issues such as migration and mobility, education, and health practices.


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  1. This is cpt weiss. Tried to like paz on Facebook but it wouldn’t let me.

  2. Love the hard work and dedication you and your team are doing…It takes a village to run anything worthwhile.

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