Pan American Zoonotic Research and Prevention (PAZ) understands that the health and well-being of humans and animals are interconnected. Humans use animals for food, protection, labor, and companionship, while many animals rely on humans for shelter and sustenance. Although our relationship with animals is mostly benign and beneficial, there are some negative aspects of this relationship. PAZ works to reduce the risks and increase the benefits through:

  • RESEARCH of diseases that affect both human and animal populations in Latin America, especially  zoonotic diseases (animal to human transmission), emerging and re-emerging diseases,  and neglected tropical diseases. Seventy-five percent of emerging human diseases come from animals and they often have significant consequences.
  • INTERVENTION to limit disease and mortality associated with these diseases, including improved sanitation, delivery of effective medication, and improvement of housing and nutrition for animals and humans.
  • ACTION to address the overpopulation and health problems of animals in underserved areas. Overpopulation and unrestricted reproduction in the domestic animal population, and a lack of education on animal health matters pose a risk to both human and animal welfare.
  • EDUCATION for both medical professionals and lay persons on ways to reduce disease transmission and combat overpopulation. PAZ will also promote careers for professionals and lay persons working in both animal and human health fields.
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT and attention over a prolonged period. PAZ will stay in communities until the programs can be run locally. PAZ will always seek new and creative ways to research and solve problems.

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