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Share This Post If You DON’T Know Somebody With These Diseases

Facebook just sent us an email, telling us how we could boost our likes and get more shares. The example they used was an ad for breast cancer research. It showed a graphic that contained a reminder to “share if…

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Peruvian Dogs Don’t Have Lyme Disease: Why You Should Care

from one of our collaborators, CLIMATE MD, a blog by Sarah Lovinger, MD. Dr. Lovinger blogs about the health implications of climate change. Posted on October 16, 2013 Lyme disease rates have been increasing, and the spread of Lyme disease is…

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The MetroWest Daily News has published this article. 

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Why Cysticercosis?

There were many reasons that we picked cysticercosis as the first disease we decided to tackle.  I could put as reason number #1 that no one should suffer from a completely (or nearly completely) preventable disease, but that could be…

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The News, September 8

We are preparing for our upcoming trip to Peru. We will be working on two projects, a spay/neuter clinic and cysticercosis. Spay/Neuter Clinic We are conducting a survey of houses in a pueblo joven south of Lima to determine the…

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