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We Like Numbers, But We Don’t Always Need ’em to See There’s a Problem

We accompanied ARBA, a Limeño humane organization, on a spay/neuter campaign in Picapiedras, Manchay. Two things are clear. These people love their pets, and they don’t have many resources to control the population. Advertisements

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Our COO has just returned from Peru, after helping 1,330 people with epilepsy.

This is our first trip to South America, and we are formalizing the relationships that we have already forged. One of our initial challenges was finding a partner organization with whom we could establish a long-term collaboration.  While at first…

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PAZ Ready to Conduct 1st Ever Dog Census in a Pueblo Joven (shanty town)

This is a  typical picture of a street dog’s life in a Peruvian town. You see this scene not only in pueblos jovenes, but also on the streets in cities and villages. When I first went to Peru, I asked…

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PAZ Forges Ahead In Emerging Disease Research: Looking for Zoonoses in Domestic Dogs in Peru

The Public Library of Science (PLoS) is a group of online peer-reviewed scientific journals, has just published a paper in which our CEO, Richard Lerner, was a co-author. While looking for Ehrlichia canis, a tick-borne disease of dogs that we also see…

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